Michal Gafni – Mish

About Me

Michal Gafni ( Mish) is an Israeli artist and designer from Scottsdale Arizona.

Mish’s first love was color!  From an early age she explored colors and developed her own unique playful style, using acrylic,multi layered paint that creates a diversity of textures and depth that ignites curiosity in her viewing audience.

To Mish, art is an ongoing experience that passes through exploration of color, body movement, and energy. Just like in her life, she allows herself the space to grow, evolve and flow with the changes.

Mish’s intention is to allow  the viewer to experience  art through their own imagination, to remind them that perception can always be shifted as points of views change.
Mish believe  that the power of art is the ability to express your mind in a universal language

My Portfolio